/Specktra CBD Review: Aromatherapy Meets CBD

Specktra CBD Review: Aromatherapy Meets CBD

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In today’s CBD market, standing out means doing things a little bit different. This is something newcomer to the CBD scene, Specktra understands.

Their line of CBD products takes a different approach to health and wellness by infusing their CBD products with targeted formulas to meet a demand of different needs. 

What makes Specktra different than the droves of competition? 

They infuse their CBD products with a blend of essential oils with “targeted formulas with different delivery systems.” 

Let’s take a deeper look. 

Who is Specktra CBD?

Family Shot of Specktra CBD

The team behind Specktra is on a mission “to develop innovative CBD formulas for targeted health benefits, not just generic CBD products.” 

If you’ve been around the CBD space long enough, you know that there are countless companies doing just that. 

In an industry that’s predicted to be worth over $20 billion in just a few short years, there’s certainly no shortage of “generic” CBD companies that have made a debut in hopes to make big profits. 

All products are made using a blend of essential oils and phytocannabinoid-rich full spectrum CBD extract for both excellent results and an incredible taste. 

Specktra CBD products are also all third party tested with lab test results available on each product page. 

Specktra: Aromatherapeutic Benefits Combined with the Power of CBD

Specktra Products Showcase

Specktra is much more than your average CBD tincture. 

Each one of their products is made with a blend of CBD oil, MCT oil, and therapeutic blends of essential oils that are targeted for specific results. 

Each Specktra product contains CBD, MCT oil, lavender essential oil, and a combination of other organic essential oils chosen for the specific properties they contain. 

Examples of some of the essential oils Specktra uses in their products and their benefits include: 

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