/How to Detox Marijuana Out of Your System

How to Detox Marijuana Out of Your System

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Many people are seeking for the answer ‘what to eat to Detox marijuana’ or ‘how to flush THC out of your system‘. If you are searching for the same then fret not, after reading this article you will know which foods will help to detox marijuana from your body. Before we began it is important to know what the word Detox means. In simple words, a detox is a process of refraining from inhaling a substance to purify the body of any trace. In the detox case, the aim would be a THC cleanse. By abstaining from imperceptible cannabis, the body can flush THC from the system.

The process of detox may be easy or simple for others and may be difficult to others, it depends upon in what capacity you are consuming cannabis. For people who use it for medical purposes, it may give birth to some unpleasant symptoms such as it can eradicate appetite or rise irritability, headaches, depression, anxiety, insomnia, etc. If we talk about which foods can help to detox your body then the list is below. There are ample of foods you can consume to detox all the impurities from your body.

Best Foods to Eat to Detoxify Marijuana from your Body


You might not have heard this word, it is also known as French artichoke and green artichoke in the USA is an array of a type of thistle cultivated as a food. Artichokes aid the liver function at its best, which help your body purge itself of toxins. It ups the liver’s production of bile, and since bile assists break down foods that help out your body use the nutrients inside them, amplify in bile production is typically a good thing for your body.


Everybody knows this; an apple is the most wonderful nutrients. You get vitamins, fiber, minerals plus many other beneficial phytochemicals like D-Glucarate, flavonoids, and terpenoids from it. All these various substances used in the detox process. On the other hand, apples are also a good medium of the soluble fiber pectin, which can aid detox metals and food additives from your body.


How can we forget cranberries juice when it comes to detox the body. Though cranberries are most popular as fruits that aid urinary tract infections, they are also helpful to remove many different toxins from the body. Cranberries juice features a rich profile of anti-inflammatory nutrients offers immune and cardiovascular support plus promotes digestive health. Eating cranberry products has been linked with the prevention of urinary tract infections (UTIs) for over 100 years.


I think this food doesn’t need any introduction, whenever it comes to brainstorming the first thing comes in mind that is eating almonds. They’re also are very rich in calcium, fiber, magnesium, and useable protein that help out stabilize blood sugar and eliminate impurities from the body.

THC Detox Made in USA - BIO-Cleanse - Liver Detox, Urinary Tract & Kidney Cleanse - 5 Day Detox

THC Detox Made in USA – BIO-Cleanse – Liver Detox, Urinary Tract & Kidney Cleanse – 5 Day Detox


This wonderful fruit is filled with many strong antioxidants, lowers cholesterol and dilates the blood vessels although blocking artery-destroying toxicity. The fruit contains a nutrient called glutathione, which chunk at least 30 various carcinogens while serving the liver detoxify synthetic chemicals. So, if you want to detox your body with some tasty fruit avocados can be the best choice for you.

i love things like avocados


Another thing that helps your body to detox is basil, as it carries some antibacterial properties and its antioxidants substances help to protect the liver. The active ingredients present in basil are terpenoids which are helpful in digestion and detoxification as well. So, if you are the one suffering from digestion issues trying basil can be best for you.


If you are blueberries lover then you can start detoxing your body with blueberries. It contains some natural aspirin that assists reduce the tissue-damaging effects of chronic inflammation while decreasing pain also. Blueberries also have antiviral properties and are filled with super-detoxifying phytonutrients called proanthocyanidins.


In above all detox foods list, garlic has its crucial place, and this is because garlic helps to detox the immune system plus helps to purify the liver too. The best thing about garlic is that you can consume it without worrying if your body is going to get used to it or build up a resistance. Sulfur is found in very high quantities in garlic — which makes it a superior quality of detox food and its antibiotic properties help heal your body. Garlic is proven to be 100 times more effectual than antibiotics and effective in a fraction of the time.


Last but not least you can even go with eating pineapples when it comes to body detox. This tropical delight carries digestive enzymes and bromelain which helps cleanse your colon and recover digestion. Excessive inflammation, too much coagulation of the blood, and certain kinds of tumor growth may all be getting better by bromelain.

10 detox foods we all need to eat starting now

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These are the top 9 foods that you can eat anytime, anywhere if you want to detox your body.

Author Bio: Holly Klamer is a content writer at THC Detox. She enjoys writing on various topics mainly associated with health. Her famous articles are on the topic of marijuana and its benefits, edibles cannabis, etc.


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