/CBD And Lupus: Everything You Need to Know!

CBD And Lupus: Everything You Need to Know!

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What is Lupus?

As with any disease or medical condition, the first thing that comes to mind is how it can be treated and cured. Sadly, there are several medical conditions which cannot be cured as there is no known cure as yet. One of these is Lupus. In a nutshell, Lupus is an autoimmune disease whereby the healthy tissues and organs get attacked by the body’s own immune system. As a result, inflammation occurs. This may end up affecting several different parts of the body, often including the skin, joints, lungs, heart, and brain. In the ensuing words, we’ll talk about CBD for Lupus and how it can be helpful to Lupus Patients. Almost making it a CBD Cure for Lupus!

Signs and symptoms of Lupus

One of the most common problems with diagnosing Lupus is that its symptoms tend to be very similar to those contracted as a result of other more common diseases and conditions. People who have Lupus experience flares, that is, symptoms that get worse for some time, and then improve periodically. One of the most distinctive traits to look out for is the facial rash that affects Lupus patients. This generally spreads across the cheeks. This rash is often described as being in the shape of a butterfly since it not only covers the cheeks but also extends over the bridge of the nose. The rash could also emerge in other parts of the body.

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Other common signs of Lupus are joint pain and stiffness. Swelling may also be noticed. At times, patients who have Lupus will also run a fever and feel more fatigued than usual.
Sun exposure could lead to skin lesions as a result of photosensitivity. Some other common signs of Lupus include headaches, chest pain, and shortness of breath.
Lupus patients may also experience Raynaud’s phenomenon. This is when the fingers and toes turn either white or bluish when they are exposed to cold, or even when one feels stressed out.
Lupus and complications

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Lupus causes a severe inflammation which affects different areas of the human body. At times it affects the brain and central nervous system. This leads to headaches, dizziness, and vision problems. Sometimes it also leads to strokes and even seizures. When the inflammation attacks the kidneys, it as dire as it could lead to kidney failure. When the inflammation concentrates on the lungs, it leads to painful breathing as a result of pleurisy, whereby the chest cavity lining becomes inflamed. There could also be cases of pneumonia and bleeding into the lungs.

Another risk is when the inflammation affects the heart. The heart muscle, membrane, and arteries are affected, and heart attacks could result. Lupus also affects the blood vessels, possibly leading to Anemia or blood clotting. Lupus increases the chances of suffering from infections since one’s immune system becomes weaker. It also increases the risk of cancer.

What causes Lupus?

Lupus could be triggered as a result of certain infections, or after having used certain drugs or medications — most common medicines that are used for anti-seizure reasons and blood pressure, as well as antibiotics. Sunlight can also be one of the causes of Lupus. Some people have an inherited predisposition to Lupus. Hence Lupus can be considered to be a disease that comes up as a result of the environment as well as genetics. According to research, Lupus is more common in females, and it is generally diagnosed in people who are between 15 and 45 years of age. However, it can affect people of all ages.

Is CBD a cure for Lupus?

Traditionally, when a person is diagnosed with Lupus, he or she starts to take prescription medicine with the main reason to treat the symptoms that he is suffering from. While medication can help, it could also lead to a myriad of problems and side effects. CBD oil for Lupus is being considered as one of the best treatments, especially for pain relief.

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What is CBD?

CBD or Cannabidiol is a chemical which is found in the cannabis plant. Since there is no known cure for Lupus yet, it is vital to relieve these patients from the various painful symptoms. CBD oil is widely used for various diseases that involve inflammation, and it is thus ideal for Lupus too, as this condition revolves around inflammation. There is a tendency to think that medical marijuana is not legal or that it is not that safe. However, in truth, CBD oil does not have any psychoactive properties at all. So, you do not get high from it as it is not concentrated on THC, despite coming from the cannabis plant.
CBD oil can be taken in capsules, or as drops or sprays. Another option is as a topical ointment.

CBD oil for Lupus can help to relieve the pain and symptoms brought about by this disease. While there is still a lack of research on how CBD oil is specifically helpful for Lupus patients, its properties make it ideal as a potential treatment since it is used for similar symptoms resulting from other conditions. Moreover, there have been numerous Lupus patients who claimed that since they started taking CBD oil, they noticed significant positive results on their life and health. These patients claim that CBD oil is indeed useful, and while this cannot substitute formal scientific proof, it certainly sparks a ray of hope for Lupus patients.

How does CBD for Lupus work?

CBD is known to work by interacting with the receptors in the human brain and immune system. This interaction helps in managing pain. Hence, CBD is safer than prescription drugs. It is not an addictive substance at all, and it does not lead to side effects like most medicinals do. There are no known severe side effects when one takes CBD oil. CBD works by lowering the levels of a specific protein which promotes inflammation, while also raising those of another anti-inflammatory protein. It also activates MDSC’s. These myeloid-derived suppressor cells, which help in the treatment of autoimmune disorders which lead to inflammation, just as lupus does.

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Considering that the prime problem with Lupus is inflammation and that CBD has excellent anti-inflammation properties, it is evident that it is an ideal treatment option, especially since there is no cure for it and the only way to go about it is to attain as much relief as possible from the symptoms. CBD oil also suppresses certain parts of the immune system, thus helping in reducing the adverse effects on healthy tissues. This is what occurs in Lupus. This is also why CBD oil can be beneficial in achieving positive results for Lupus symptoms. CBD oil elevates the anandamide which binds to one of the receptors mentioned earlier. This receptor, the CB1, is responsible for neurological functions.

As a result, the pain one experiences will be lowered considerably thanks to this effect.
Lupus is a challenging condition to live with, and it drastically reduces one’s quality of life. Not to mention the pain, one ends up feeling all the time. As a result, many people end up suffering from depression. CBD helps by relieving the pain as well as boosting the mood. This is because the endocannabinoid anandamide is responsible for the control of various neurological functions, including those that affect the moods.

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CBD is being legalized and attaining more and more popularity, thanks to its positive effects. The oil is helping to reach an effective and natural relief from Lupus symptoms. CBD will help to make your central nervous system to function in a balanced manner. Lupus patients will lead a better life by experiencing a reduction in inflammation and related problems, as well as improving their moods, fatigue, and pain. Since there are no known cures that genuinely work for Lupus, the best treatment and pain relief option one can opt for at the time is without a doubt CBD oil. It will directly help with inflammation making it a CBD Cure for Lupus!

Even though CBD oil and its effects on Lupus have not yet been formally and scientifically studied, there are many positive reviews made by people living with Lupus on the use of CBD oil. There are no side effects that one will end up experiencing when using CBD oil because it is ultimately a natural remedy as it derives from plants. However, it is vital to make sure that the CBD products are of the BEST quality! In doing so, you make sure it has maximum effectiveness.


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